Volunteering at Treborth

winter bon-fire

Regrettably we cannot accept any new volunteers at present until the Covid-19 restictions are lifted

Anyone is welcome to volunteer at Treborth. You don't need any experience and there are opportunities to work in many different areas. At present our volunteers:

* Maintain the flower borders - weeding and thinning
* Mow the lawn areas
* Strim areas where unwelcome plants, especially brambles, are invading
* Work in the greenhouses raising seedlings and cuttings
* Maintain databases of books, moths etc.
* Label plants, and maintain the plant database
* Raise plants for plant sales
* Water and maintain greenhouse plants
* Provide specialist care of orchids.
* Help map the garden
* Organise and support student work-parties
* Manage compost and re-cycling
* Maintain equipment
* Provide administrative and financial support
* Help produce publications including the Newsletter
* Support plant-sales including making cakes and preserves.

maintaing the butterfly border There is always plenty of support and guidance to help any volunteer become confident in carrying out whatever work they are involved in. Some work such as strimming, use of chainsaws, and orchid cultivation require specialist levels of skill, and formal training and certification may be required which we can provide.

Why volunteer?

As a volunteer at Treborth Botanic Garden, you are one of a very diverse and interesting group of people from all walks of life and with very wide ranging interests and skills. Our ages run from 18 to more than 80. It is a great team to be in. Volunteering also provides an opportunity use some leisure time helping to make one of Bangor's few public open spaces, better, more welcoming and more interesting for the whole local community. Many volunteers also delight in developing new skills, gaining new knowledge, especially about plants, wildlife and horticulture.

How do I start to volunteer?

We ask all new volunteers to come first for an induction session. Usually this will be with the horticultural technician. You will be given more information about what volunteering involves and will be asked to fill in some paperwork. She will ask you about what you are interested in and what experience you may have. Then she will arrange a date for your first practical volunteering session.

Volunteering times

Volunteers work on Wednesdays and Friday from 10.00 am. Please ring +44 (0)1248 353 398 or email here first to arrange a convenient day when the Curator or Horticulturist will be available to welcome you and talk through the opportunities.

Last updated 2nd February 2019